International coördination

Does your company need an international contract, but you don’t have the knowledge of the Dutch market? Then FleetSolve is your solution. We know the Dutch market, have knowledge of the regulations in the Netherlands and can advise you in a good way to ensure that you make the right choice.

  • Insight into the market
  • Product capabilities
  • Rates
  • Risk analysis
  • Savings Opportunities
  • Policy advice
  • Laws and regulations
  • Standards Policy

What can we do for you?

FleetSolve informs, supports and helps throughout the entire process. Knowing more? Please contact us for a no-obligation appointment via or call: +31 (0)6-19994354.

What do people think of us?

Advice and explanation about the possibilities in the Netherlands?

  • It really helped a lot for me as German that you always explained the Dutch rules and “laws” (especially for taxes) to me
  • High knowledge of the Dutch “leasing market”
  • High knowledge of the support of fleets 

How do you subscribe the way that we work together?

  • professional 
  • reliable
  • trustworthy
  • pleasant
  • fun

Which competence do I add in that makes the business relationship work?

  • well structured
  • well organized 
  • reliable
  • from my point of view you can really empathize into the company and think from our point of view and advise what makes sense for us
Jonas Pflugmacher
Manager of Fleet Management

We thank you for the pleasant cooperation and the competent support during our corporation. Your competent support in drafting and processing contract has always been very helpful to us. Your commitment has always resulted in satisfactory solution for both sides.

Andreas Lock